FAQs for Booking Appointments

Q: What are the different sets offered?

A: + Cosmopolitan- $250

        Natural/Light Volume (3-5 thinner lashes in a fan per natural lash, semi coverage)

      + Manhattan- $300

         Full Volume Set (3-7 thinner lashes in a fan per natural lash, full coverage)



Q: How long does a full set last?

A: Due to shedding and growth of your natural lashes, we recommend getting a fill every 2-3 weeks, and anything after that will be considered a full set.



Q: How do I prepare for my appointment?

A: Be sure that you are not wearing any sort of eye makeup when you arrive for your appointment. It is also super important that you refrain from caffeine products until after the service, since it may cause eye twitching.



Q: What kind of products do you use for the lash extension application process?

A: I use all professional grade products that can only be obtained by a licensed professional.



Q: Can I get a fill if my lashes were done at another salon?

A: Yes and no. Here’s why: All artists have different techniques, so I am not able to guarantee that I can work over their work. If I can, I'm are happy to book the fill, but if I'm unable, I recommend getting a removal and starting with a fresh set. (Please be aware that a fill is not guaranteed when booking from another artist.)



Q: How long are appointments for full sets?

A: I recommend that you set aside 2-3 hours for the appointment. Although it may take a smaller amount of time, it is always best to make sure the artists allow themselves enough time to complete the set before our next client arrives.